wisdom plus work

Carol and Rob


Our work

With our clients, we have created new solutions and expanded capability
in the areas of strategy building, role and leadership development and organisational transition. These examples from the last few years show
the results:


Collaborative & strategic development

  • Service organisations boards and staffs expand their strategic planning and development capability
  • Three NSW regional communities create new ‘resilience’ building projects to combat the effects of drought (Federal Government program)
  • A leading consulting firm’s ‘admin’ people across five states build an integrated Corporate Services Group


Leadership development, coaching & team building

  • CEOs and senior executives develop greater role clarity and authority through coaching and role consultation programs
  • Senior teams in several Victorian government departments build a shared leadership approach for managing major projects
  • A family business in the manufacturing sector embarks on an important transition to a corporate leadership model


Organisation consultation & change

  • Three areas of government hold successful statewide public consultations on reviews to legislation and regulation (health, supported accommodation, vulnerable youth)
  • A service organisation evaluates its Board processes & governance; new CEOs in two organisations make successful transitions to their new roles
  • Four different research groups at a Melbourne university build one collaborative program researching Diabetes in Western Melbourne



wisdom plus work workshop

wisdom plus work workshop

wisdom plus work workshop