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Our approach

Organisations face the challenge of responding wisely to short-term demands placed on them while remembering their long term commitments. There is no formula for doing this well, but over time, leaders and managers can build a repertoire of ideas, experiences and responses that help provide clarity and purpose when they are needed.

In working with organisations, our own ‘response repertoire’ is drawn from a number of powerful frameworks that support timely learning and change in organisations.

Systems thinking

We work with leaders and work groups to help them stay connected to their organisational system’s primary task– its purpose – to stay responsive to, but not overwhelmed by, wider environmental challenges.

We understand organisations as open systems which, like living organisms, need to adapt to a changing environment to flourish. These concepts are drawn from the original work of the Tavistock Institute which has subsequently been further developed worldwide.

Socio-analytic approach

We support people in building the awareness and role clarity needed to work more productively with day-to-day experiences (e.g. successes, failures and blockages).

This approach recognises the need for leaders and followers to manage the anxieties associated with taking up their organisational roles. It assists them to build appropriate authority and containment in these roles.

Transitional change

With clients, we create transitional spaces where leaders and their groups can think together about their experience of organisational challenge and create new responses together.

Our work draws on the transitional approach to organisational change. This involves honouring the ‘double task’ - getting the job done and then reflecting together on how it gets done as a way of improving work processes and relationships.

Business tools

For particular change programs we also use complementary tools including:

  • strengths-based approaches - Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search
  • change management frameworks – developed by organisation and change theorists including Harold Bridger, Peter Drucker, John Kotter, Margaret Wheatley and William Bridges
  • individual & group behavioural processes - Belbin Team Roles & Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)





wisdom plus work workshop

wisdom plus work workshop

wisdom plus work workshop