wisdom plus work

Carol and Rob

Transitions Leadership Program  -  details here

wisdom+work supports business development and organisational change.

We help organisations and their people create powerful solutions to their work challenges in three key areas – strategy, role and leadership development, and transition.

People are supported to work at depth, accessing the inherent wisdom in their organisations and developing robust strategies that they can own and implement.

In today’s environment, organisations need to be able to respond innovatively to the many realities which can affect their work.

In the midst of these – and sometimes because of them – we see many possibilities for change and growth.

Dealing with organisational realities
  • Complexity

the need to manage many dynamic and interconnecting local and global factors

  • Leadership

the challenge for leaders to build appropriate authority and power while enabling others to grow in their roles

  • Reputation

a growing need to attract and retain committed people including those of different generations and culture